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StartMySong Allows Songwriters Ability to Sell Their Music & Keep 100% Download Revenues Thanks to Bandbox Widget

December 23, 2009

The songwriting industry has taken a hit from the economy just like the rest of the music business. Usually, songwriters look to publishers to get their music into the hands of recording artists or create licensing deals to generate revenues from their songs.

StartMySong was created to further facilitate this process by allowing songwriters from anywhere in the world the chance to pitch their music to publishers, music supervisors, and others looking for the next big hit.

By allowing anyone to hear and rank the music, StartMySong creates a songs chart ranked by popularity, making it easy for music publishers or recording artists such as Taylor Swift to discover the best new music. The top rated songs are listed on the Top Songs tab–where if a song is desired, all a music publisher has to do is click on the “Publish, License, or Record” button to begin negotiations with the artist for use of that song.

Quite often, though, the demo is already perfect for the consumer, especially with songs submitted by singer/songwriters who already write and produce their own music.

With advances in technology, singers/songwriters find it much easier today to create incredible music without the need for expensive production and mixing (although that never hurts).

So why should songwriters sit back and wait for an artist or publisher to record and help sell their music when people are ready to buy? There is no need as songwriters can now sell their song demos just like regular songs and keep 100% download revenues from their music sales.

This revolutionary Web 2.0 tool for songwriters has been made possible through a joint effort between Bandbox and StartMySong. Bandbox, a company based in Nashville, allows the creation of an embeddable widget, which acts as a store for the songwriters’ digital and physical music. The Bandbox widget allows artists to set their own prices, sell their music immediately, and make 100% of the profit on every digital track or album sold. This widget can now be embedded right on the songwriter’s StartMySong artist page.

To see how this Web 2.0 collaboration works to sell songs directly to the consumer, you can view singer/songwriter Jessica Rae’s artist page.

For more information about StartMySong and how you can promote your songs to music publishers or sell your songs for an instant revenue stream, visit

Start My Song, a website based in Nashville TN has relaunched to provide a unique service to songwriters around the world.

September 20, 2009

Songwriters can now more easily get their music in front of song publishers, music supervisors, recording artists and advertising agencies looking for the best new songs ready for publishing.

In the past, getting a new song heard by the right person in the music industry required endless amounts of effort and great connections since publishers and music supervisors are constantly bombarded with new material to the point that they are unable to listen to the rising pile of CDs on their desk.

Start My Song is hoping to change this by providing a unique new service to songwriters and music industry professionals everywhere. Start My Song is a web application where anyone can upload their new song demos ready for publishing. Anyone else in the world can listen to and rank the songs allowing Start My Song to create a TOP SONGS list directly on the homepage. All one needs to do is visit to begin hearing today’s newest material from songwriters everywhere pre-filtered by the end users. The PLAY ALL button makes it even easier as one can just sit back and listen while the top songs playlist plays the newest hits in order of popularity.

When music publishers, music supervisors, recording artists, advertising agencies and others looking for new songs find that hit they’ve been looking for, they can simply click the “Publish / License / Record” button to begin the process of making use of that song.

Each song and artist gets a unique URL making the music on Start My Song easy to share increasing the viral capabilities of the artists’ songs. The ShareThis widget increases the viral capabilities further by allowing users to share each unique link via email or on the social network of their choice directly from the artist’s or song’s page.

Start My Song also works with the iPhone where other flash based streaming music sites fail. Songs played from Start My Song via the iPhone browser will play on the iphone quicktime player as opposed to the normal flash player allowing listeners to hear the newest songs from anywhere.

For more information or to begin hearing the newest songs from around the world visit Start My Song.  You could help pick that next big hit!

See the full Social Media Press Release here: press release

Executive Biographies

September 15, 2009

Scott McIntosh, Founder



Start My Song was conceptually designed by Scott McIntosh. Scott currently lives in Nashville, only a few blocks south of Music Row.  He recently finished an 8-year tour as a United States Naval Officer, most recently stationed as the 4th Fleet Liaison to Joint Interagency Task Force – South.  Scott received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina and has launched several web-based ventures in his spare time.  Before arriving back in Nashville, Scott formed the Nashville 2.0 meet-up group, which now comprises over 70 members.  This group meets monthly to discuss web trends and Nashville business (

Jessica Rae, Public Relations and Music Industry Representative


Jessica Rae of Start My Song

Jessica Rae was born and raised in Chicago where, at four years old, she was inspired by her grandfather’s bluegrass fiddle playing. She spent most of her early life studying violin, and has performed extensively all around the world. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and holds a classical violin performance degree. It is her singing and songwriting, though, that brings this performer to the limelight. Currently living and performing in Nashville, her songs’ messages are moving, her voice clear and natural.

Jessica’s music industry experience extends beyond being an incredible performer. Her past experience includes advertising sales for Comma Music in Chicago. She has also held a position at Howling Music as a freelance sales representative. She currently holds a position at iV Group, having been with them since 2007. Within these jobs, Jessica sought out new clientele, made presentations, and closed sales. Jessica also assisted in the overall marketing of the corporate brands along with personally creating and implementing new marketing strategies for promotions and advertising. Jessica has experience managing travel arrangements and meetings for large groups, along with event and party planning. Her biggest strength, though, comes from her ever-expanding professional network of relationships in the music, advertising, and film industries.

Josh Crews, Developer (Ruby on Rails)


Josh at Ugly Mugs

Josh lives in Nashville with his wife Stephie and is a web-based software developer using just one platform – Ruby on Rails. Josh received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina. Josh also chairs the Ruby on Rails meet-up group in Tennessee (


September 15, 2009

Start My Song is currently open to speaking with investors.  For a copy of the business plan, please email INFO [at] STARTMYSONG [dot] COM.


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